Fiesta Especial

Have you heard? Your favorite Disney Fan interview and trivia host has launched a campaign to support Fiesta Especial® , FACT Institute and DisabiltiySA, the sponsoring organization of Fiesta Especial. Through this campaign, Emma will be running for membership in the Royal Court of Fiesta Especial, part of Fiesta San Antonio. Fiesta® San Antonio is an annual event in San Antonio, Texas that focuses on community service and leadership development while supporting scores of area nonprofit organizations.

In 2019, Emma was part of Fiesta Especial and was crowned Duchess in the Royal Court. The campaign for 2022 will be a new campaign and will see the Royal Court crowned with new titles based upon their participation and fundraising results. If Emma raises the most for Fiesta Especial and her beneficiary organization, she will be crowned Queen of Fiesta Especial 2022. The program fundraising deadline is December 3, 2021.

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Fiesta Especial® is an official Fiesta® San Antonio experience created for children and adults with physical, cognitive and developmental differences and the family and friends who love them. Fiesta Especial® creates inclusive and educational experiences engaging individuals with disabilities in the culture, diversity and celebrations of Fiesta® through community instruction and training.  Individuals with disabilities and our community are invited to take part in the Royal Court, Royalty Run 5K & Parade and Celebration Day experiences.

Fiesta Especial® is a program of DisabiltiySA, which serves as the official Partner Member Organization (PMO) sanctioned by the Fiesta San Antonio Commission.  A FAQ about the program is available here.


Please join Emma in her campaign to raise funds for FACT Institute and DisabilitySA. Her campaign will raise funds for these two organizations through her campaign website and related projects. The Royal Court is determined based upon total funds raised by each participant. In 2019, the last time Emma participated in the Royal Court, she raised $4,786 for her nonprofit organizations. Information about all members of the 2022 Royal Court is here.

FACT Institute, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 school and job training center providing the San Antonio community a facility that will educate, engage, and enrich the lives of students and adults with special needs ages 7 and up.

Memories from 2019 Royal Court Participation