Exclusive Interview: Lou Mongello of WDW Radio Disney Podcast and WDW Radio Nation

Lou Mongello, well-known host of WDW Radio Disney fan podcast and all-around great person, is Emma’s special guest on tonight’s Saturday livestream. Emma’s interviews are fun, but this one with Lou includes questions that you might expect when interviewing a legend in the Disney fan community, but also some questions that you might not expect.

  • What Disney park would Lou Mongello choose, if he could only visit one from now on?
  • What Disney resort would Lou Mongello choose to live in, if he could?
  • What Disney attraction would Lou Mongello build in his back yard to enjoy every day?

These answers and many more on this episode of The Talking Mickey Project. Click to watch!

Lou is a not only a leader and inspiration within the Disney Fan community, but is also a speaker and business coach. Contact Lou to find out more. Find out more about Lou at https://WDWRadio.com and at https://LouMongello.com. You can also follow Lou on the following social networks:

Instagram: https://Instagram.com/LouMongello

Facebook: https://Facebook.com/WDWRadio

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